Welcome back to our second blog inspired by Earth day this week and all of her amazing natural assets. Today we’re going to be looking at the best beaches in Italy specifically in Lazio, Puglia, and Sicily.


Rome is not very well known for its beaches. Of course you come to Rome to experience the culture, history and witness the famous Vatican. Although if you’re wanting to get away from all of the city hustle and bustle and want to soak up the sun and play in the sand, then  there there are few beaches. The one’s we’ve  picked require a little bit of travelling to access them, but we promise you that they’re worth it!

We adore Santa Marinella which is north west of Rome and is on the more quieter side. It’s a free beach, but with options to rent a sun lounger.  It takes about 45 minutes to get to from Rome and cost around 7 euros (round trip).  It’s a pretty beach: the water is from the Mediterranean sea, and the sand is a pale shade of sandy brown and soft on your soles.

We also love Sperlonga because it’s a cross between a sandy golden beach and a nature reserve. You can either choose to pay for a deck chair, sun lounger  or you can take your own towel and relax for free. This beach is worth a trip to if you’ve a whole day (or few) to spend at it as it takes around two and half hours by car, and there are regular trains from Rome but it can take longer to get there.  


Puglia is the 7th largest region in Italy out of 20 and is an excellent part of Italy for azure waters, and soft sandy beaches. It’s popular with diving, yachting , and water spots; you’re never too far from the sea!

Torre Mozza is located on the south west coast of Salento. Puglia and the beaches  here is likened to that of the Caribbean with it’s turquoise/ green colouring and white sands. It’s a beach for peace and quiet, and is clean and safe.

Torre dell’Orso also located in Salento is one of the biggest sand beaches. With white chalky cliffs surrounding it, green water and trees nearby for shade. It’s got easy parking access and it is  a blue flagged beach meaning it’s maintained to a high standard.


At the tip of the boot, Sicily is an island to itself. In fact it’s the largest island in the  Mediterranean and has hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters so it’s practically good beach weather most of the time!  In 2011 Sicilian beaches were awarded the blue flag so you can be rest assured that they are safe, clean and ideal to swim and play on.

Perhaps not a quiet beach due to it’s easy accessible location but  San Vito Lo Capo offers generously spacious light sandy beaches with sparkling clear water, which you’d expect off the Med. With gentle lapping waters, it’s ideal for swimmers of all levels.  It’s got an array of shops, restaurants, and bars should you want to freshen up and catch lunch.

Join us next time to find out our beach guide on Sardinia and Liguria

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Since it’s been Earth day this week, we thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the wondrous beaches across Italy. This will be a two parter series and we will start off with : Tuscany, Amalfi and le Marche.


Tuscany is not viewed specifically as a beach paradise, but it’s a worth a note that it has over 250 miles of coastline! If you’re looking for beaches that are busy, and lined with lots of deck chairs than many around the Versilia Coast (up North) will give you what you’re looking for. However at Bridgewater we like to source out beaches that are a little different with charm, elegance and surrounded by a lot of luxury.

Off the beaten track…

Heading away from the North you will find a small fishing port called Castiglione della Pescaia. With 15 kilometers of unspoilt sandy beaches. It’s the kind of beach that doesn’t boast, it’s simply understated beauty. As the beach is situated in a small fishing port, it doesn’t get too busy only slightly in high season but it’s a great bach to watch the locals get involved with a bit of sport. It’s a real Italian Beach.

Castiglione della Pescaia.

Castiglione della Pescaia.

If you want to take a quick ferry over to the Island of Elba then it’s approx 45 minutes. Elba is a little gem and well-known for its many variety of beaches. Our favourite being Capo Bianco which is on the North side of the Island. White shingle sand, crystal clear waters and a backdrop of grassy hilltops.

Find more on Elba beaches here : https://idyllicitalyblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/discover-the-glorious-beaches-of-elba-in-tuscany/


The Amalfi Coast  is surrounded by lots of water but very few beaches or at least what the common though a beach is. Many ‘beaches’ are rocky, with small patches of sand or pebbles. Yet there are quite a few coves to be explored, and you’ll be surrounded by clear waters that glisten when the hot sun hits it.

We’ve chosen the Amalfi’s Spiaggia Grande because it’s one of the most liveliest beaches but it’s has a stunning backdrop of the mountains, grassy tops and quaint houses embedded into the rock. It’s popular with families, and there are many boat services available should you want to explore the secluded coves.

Amalfi (c) Lonely Planet

Amalfi’s Spiaggia Grande

Le Marche

The Adriatic Coast is known for keeping beaches that can only be described as hidden jewels. It has a long and varied coastline with easy accessible sandy beaches, and more secluded ones that have to be reached by boat. Le Marche can boast about having the highest number of blue flagged beaches meaning they’re well kept and have an eco-label attached.

Mezzavalle is one of our favourite beaches purely because of how secluded it is, this is due to a 20 minute trek down a cliff on a winding path – but it’s a perfect excuse to witness the turquoise waters that surround you. Located in Monte Conero, north of the famous Riviera del Conero – it’s adorned with fresh white pebbles, and lots of greenery.



Stay tuned for our second blog on our guide to the best beaches in Italy

Bridgewater’s Idyllic Italy

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Italian Bridgewater
At Bridgewater Idyllic Italy we love nothing more than a good hearty Italian meal and you may have seen our various recipe recommendations  via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bridgewatersidyllicitaly?fref=ts. Now, we’re offering you a chance to experience real authentic Italian food, in its home country!

Why not spend 2 nights in a 5 * luxury hotel with a Michelin star restaurant ‘La Magnolia’ lead by chef Andrea Mattei. Chef  Andrea Mattei has worked all over Italy and Paris gaining a wealth of experience  and winning a number of awards.  Not only will you get to dine in this luxurious restaurant, but you’ll also get a cookery lesson by Andrea himself, where you will learn how the professionals dazzle the pallet.

The Hotel Byron is situated in  Forte dei Marmi which is known for its golden beaches, and dramatic landscapes. It’s also got a big cafe culture, many designer boutiques and a key venue in Italy’s Dolce Vita since the 1960’s.

Your two night  at Hotel Byron will consist of :
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Sparkling wine and fruit in the room upon arrival
  • 2 dinners
  • cookery lesson with Michelin chef. (Maximum of 6 people) 
Bridgewater Idyllic Italy

Since 1973

Unlike over here, Easter or ‘Pasqua’ is a major holidays in Italy but you may not be surprised to hear that from a strong Catholic and religious country.

The real traditions of Italy can only be truly experienced if you’re actually there. Staying in Italy around Easter time is much better when planned prior. Often, many hotels will require pre-booking and transport runs less frequently.

The Easter tradition within Italy is to take to the rolling hills of the country with a picnic in one hand, and friends and family by your side. Bask in the hot sun, whilst indulging on your Easter eggs before they melt!  As well as relaxing in the breathtaking Italian country side, you can head towards larger towns and cities where you can witness some… shall we say, not so average Easter activities.

For example, Panicale the town of  Umbrian rolls giant wheels of cheese around the town’s walls, the one who completes it in the quickest time using the least strokes – wins! Or Florence, where they release a dove shaped rocket that flies out of the Duomo on Easter morning and lights a cart covered with fireworks!


Where to stay ?

This year we invite you to spend Italy on the Southern Coast of Sicily.  We’ve the magnificent luxury Villa Agrigento that sleeps up to 12 people so it’s perfect to bring the whole family!  You can be assured of style, comfort and luxury and has been featured in the likes of  Elle and Marie Claire Magazine. 

With landscaped garden, panoramic views, a huge pool, fully equipped kitchen, games  rooms and flat screen TV’s it will be your own piece of paradise and is perfect should you want to relax here for the duration of your holiday. However should you want to get out and about,  this Villa is just on the outskirts of  the small village of Camastra. With a handful of shops and cafes it’s perfect for a traditional view of Sicily. Or if the beach is more of your thing than you’re just a short drive away from the Coat of Agrigento which boast beautiful beaches and a bigger selections of shops.




  • Sleeps 12
  • Air con
  • 6 bedrooms / bathrooms (ensuite )
  • Games room
  • Pool
  • Pool side shower with towels and bathrobes included
  • Flat screens / DVD
  • Fully equipped kitchen / themed bedrooms
  • Walk to the restaurant

To find out more please visit : www.bridgewater-travel.co.uk/villa-agrigento-camastra-italy-63158#31

Remember Easter gets booked up very quickly so contact us today to avoid disappointment

April , May and June bookings get a hamper of local Sicilian delicacies included with our compliments. 

Happy Easter!

Bridgewater’s Idyllic Italy


Italian Experience in a hot air balloon
This poem this month is to high light the wonderful Italian Experience that we’re currently offering – giving you a chance to see the Italian sights from way up above in a hot air balloon!
See Italy from a new perspective

Venture to Chianti Classico hills in Tuscany
And experience such wondrous sights
Sample delicious Tuscan cuisine
And stay for two magical nights

Relax in a wine bath
Perhaps sample quality tea
Visit vineyards and drink Chianti wine
So much to do and see

The hot air balloon is an experience to remember
Fly over dramatic landscapes that are sure to take your breath away
Quaint hill top towns, vineyards and grand castles
All ensure a magical stay

After you land, experience a champagne breakfast
Arrive back by private transfer
Return home feeling energised and revitalised
With lots of great memories to share!

M. J. Molloy

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Bridge Water’s  Idyllic is Italy is thrilled to be featured in  A Luxury Travel blog . Here you can find our more about Nicola Pearson the Marketing Director and Co-Owner of Bride Water Travel.

Read here for more info :  interview 


Festa Della Donna is a festival day dedicated to woman all over Italy, and happens on the 8th March. Just like Mother’s day is big celebration in the UK, so is the Festa Della Donna.

It’s a chance for the men of Italy to show their Woman, their love of their life, just how much they mean to them. And as a token of their affections, they usually give them Yellow Mimosa.

festa della donna

Festa Della Donna has political roots dating back to 1857, World War 1 and the Russian Revolution. It was where various woman took a stand and went on strikes or campaigned for peace and such things.  In 1945 the Union of Italian Women announced that March 8th  should be the special date that womanhood should be celebrated.


Italian Revolution

Nowadays the routes of the tradition has been lost with the ages, and it’s more about men showing their appreciation for their better halves.  The atmosphere in Italy as you can imagine, is one of marvellous celebrations and often restaurants create themed dinners as well as local festivals and concerts throughout the country.

We think that being in Italy whilst local traditions are taking places, is a  much better way to get a feel for ‘real’ Italy rather than the  tourist hot spots.

Want to know what it’s like to be a real Italian? Why not bring some Yellow Mimosa’s – the love of your life and experience Italy for real.

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